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Will Cosmetic Surgery Make My Eyes Look Younger?

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There are plenty of valid reasons to seek out cosmetic surgery. Your self-confidence and self-esteem directly affect your mental health, which is just as important as any other aspect of your health.

It’s not as much about how cosmetic surgery makes you look. What matters is how it makes you feel.

The truth is, for many people, it’s easier to feel more confident if you also feel younger. If you struggle with your appearance due to droopy eyelids or bags under your eyes, there are cosmetic procedures that can help you look and feel younger by correcting these common signs of aging. Keep reading to learn if cosmetic surgery will make your eyes look younger!


Oculoplastics is a field of ophthalmology. You may be familiar with ophthalmologists as eye doctors that have a medical degree.

Only ophthalmologists can perform eye surgeries. Specialized ophthalmologists, called oculoplastic surgeons, perform cosmetic eye surgery.

While cosmetic surgery is primarily used for cosmetic reasons, it can also have a medical purpose. For example, if you have drooping eyelids, it can limit your visual field and make it harder to see. Having your eyelids treated through cosmetic surgery can restore your vision.

If a cosmetic procedure is deemed medically necessary, it can also be covered fully or partially by standard health insurance. But even if your reasons for surgery are solely cosmetic, eyelid surgery can still be affordable.

Eyelid Surgery

Almost all cosmetic procedures for the eyes involve eyelids. Sagging eyelids are very common, especially as a result of getting older.

Fat and excess skin begin to build up in natural pockets beneath the lower and upper eyelids, which can cause sagging and drooping eyelids. The surgery that removes the excess tissue to tighten up the eyes’ appearance is called a blepharoplasty.

During a blepharoplasty, a surgeon operates on the lower or upper eyelids or will operate on both. This is almost always an outpatient procedure unless paired with a more extensive facial surgery requiring general anesthesia. But if you’re only getting a blepharoplasty, you will be able to go home on the day of surgery.

A blepharoplasty involves making a small incision along the eyelid’s natural crease and using it as an opening to remove excess tissue. The surgeon then stitches up the incision.

After the skin heals and you’ve had your stitches removed, the scars are hidden between the folds of the eyelid, giving your eyelids a clean, youthful appearance.

Positive Outcomes

Cosmetic eye surgery is generally a low-risk procedure. It doesn’t require general anesthesia, so many common risks from major surgical procedures are avoided.

However, any surgery does involve some risk. Your doctor will assess your health to ensure the surgery is safe for you before they go forward with the operation.

Besides being low risk, cosmetic surgery also has terrific outcomes. Most patients report satisfaction with their results and report feeling much younger after surgery.

Feeling your best is such a big part of staying healthy, and looking younger can make you feel like a whole new person. If you’re looking to enhance your appearance by eliminating bags under your eyes, a procedure like a blepharoplasty is worth considering.

Want to learn more about how to make your eyes look younger and more youthful? Schedule an appointment at Shepherd Eye Center in Henderson, NV, now!

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