Woman smiling with hand on her faceAs we age, our skin tissue stretches and begins to sag.  It loses its supple buoyancy. Our eyelids are usually the first to go.  Loss of elasticity and sagging, baggy upper or lower eyelids and other conditions like an entropion (eyelid folds in toward the eye) or ectropion (eyelid folds away from the eye)  can be treated through common, cosmetic eyelid surgical procedures. Heavy upper eyelids (ptosis) may interfere with vision, and if they do, insurance companies will often pay for surgery to lift the lids.

Shepherd Eye Center is pleased to offer patients a variety of cosmetic surgery options to improve the aesthetic appearance of skin around your eyes.  If you are interested in scheduling a consultation to discuss if cosmetic eye surgery is the right choice for you, call our office at 702.731.2088.