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“Thank you for your care and kindness.  For making my life so much better.  Thanks to everyone that helped me.”

-Josephine J.

“You gave me good news and I appreciate the professional manner of all the people I talked with at your office.  Especially you, Dr. Montgomery.  I will schedule my next appointment with you for next year.”

-Robert B.

“Dr. Montgomery is a fantastic surgeon and I feel blessed to have him do the procedure on me.  He is truly a Godsend.”

-Robert K.

“I had an appointment there last week and was so impressed with all the staff.  You were, of course, helpful & professional but all with whom I came in contact were also pleasant & seemed to genuinely enjoy their work and one another.  It truly made a wait in a doctor’s office as comfortable as possible.”

-Doreen L.

“If it ain’t broke don’t change it. It ain’t broke.  Great doctor & staff 🙂 :)”

-Regina J.

“Just want to say a special thank you to your wonderful, professional staff of good people and medical Dr. Noll was excellent, very professional and sharp personality.  Your operation at Pecos-Mcleod is perfect, so I wrote a letter to the Medical Board in Reno, about your staff.  You will get a letter back from him.  Kudos!”

-Robert E.

“I’m very pleased with my visit to your ee center.  Your staff is great!!  And Dr. Hansen did a great surgery on my right eye.  I would recommend going here for cataract surgery.”

-Donna G.

“Dr. Taylor, I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did on my eye.  I see everything so much better now and I guess next year we will probably do the other one.  I’m looking forward to getting my new glasses and I was lucky my insurance is paying for a good part of them.  I really wasn’t happy about getting operated on at my age but you put me at ease and I had complete faith in you and I didn’t feel a thing.  The drops were a pain but once I worked that out it was clear sailing from then on.  So one more time…I’m proud to have you for my doctor and I tell anyone who asks me that.”

-Richard T.

“Efficient, Friendly, Caring – wonderful service”

-Janice S.

“I like Dr. Taylor and the back office staff the best!  I trust him completely.  Dr. Taylor is so smart & my hero!  The front office staff greeted me with a nice smile.  Seems you are running the office perfectly!”

-Marlene W.

“My visit with you was very good.  Thanks a million to everyone!”

-Grant G.

“Dr. Miller & Staff I sincerely want to thank you for providing me with these nice glasses! Without your generosity visually impaired and my life would be even more difficult than it is at this point in time.  It is people like you that give me faith and reason to live.  I deeply appreciate your considerateness and pray God will bless each one of you involved in my blessing.  Thank you so much, Dr. Miller. I can assume your thoughtfulness will be passed on.  Your #1 Patient :)”

-Mary C.

“I really appreciate that you fit me in to see Dr. Fant on Friday!! Thank you for being so sensitive and caring.  I really didn’t know what to do – my eyes were so itchy and flaky.  Dr. Fant is very impressive and certainly has helped me.  I have an appointment next month. I will see you then!”

-Norma F.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Rovit and all the nurses that provided the best care ever today for my 21-month-old daughter Harper. I wish I had gotten every nurse’s name so I could thank you all individually. Your calm and skillful knowledge gave us our best PO appointment ever. I highly recommend Shepherd Eye Center’s caring staff and facility. “

-Dawn Marie E.

“Everyone is excellent! Best check out ever with Toni”

-Diane M.

“Shepherd Eye doctors and staff are very kind, courteous and 100% very good in customer service.”

-Virginia M.

“Shepherd Eye staff was very professional and gave personal attention! Thank you!”

-Janet R.

“I walked in w/ an eye problem and was immediately seen.  Thank you so much! Excellent staff!”

-Sherry C.

“Dr. Taylor, I had to say thanks again for my new eyes…for your constant smiling face…and for being the best when it comes to eye surgery! The staff at the Summerlin office are the most helpful, caring group I’ve ever had.  The pleasure of being helped…each treats patients like family…just today Ann Marie and Michah…what dears, always a friendly smile & attitude!  Shepherd Eye Center should be written up for all of the above! Thank you!”

-Mary H.

“Dr. Montgomery is my hero.  I couldn’t read for 24 months until my first visit with Dr. Montgomery. I said, Doctor, I’m going to be honest with you, I can’t even make out the features of your face.  The whole staff at Pecos was very welcoming and friendly.  Dr. Montgomery took his time to listen to me.  I felt comfortable, completely satisfied with the care, my surgery, and everything. Great patient care. I would highly recommend him.”

-Robert K.

“I sold my home in Henderson and moved to be near my daughter in Seattle, WA.  During my 7 years in Nevada, I was happy to have the services of Shepherd Eye Center, Dr. Eisenberg, and staff.”

-Nona M.

“On Monday 4/23/12 I had cataract surgery performed by Dr. Eisenberg. I was skeptical before the surgery because the eye involved has been my”bad” i.e. lazy eye all of my life. I woke up today, not even a full two days later, and I think my vision in that eye is actually better. I hoped that the effect of the cataract would be resolved but because of my lifelong impairment in that eye, I was not expecting my vision to improve beyond the best it had ever been. Well, hmmm!

I have been walking around all morning covering my good eye with my hand and thinking to myself, my vision in my”bad” is improved. Certainly, I cannot read the fine print but there is a very noticeable improvement. The thought of eye surgery made me so nervous but the staff was wonderful as they prepped me. The procedure itself was a piece of cake. I would describe it as the same sensation one would have if you touched a q-tip to your eyeball. I neglected my eyes and avoided eye care for years out of fear. I am a healthcare provider and my own experience will serve to encourage others not to neglect their eyes and reassure them that the procedures involved can save their sight and should not be something to be afraid of”

-Mary Knowles

“It is a delight to get up every morning and read the newspaper without the need to search for glasses. I have extolled the miracle of this surgery to everyone, and I still gasp that I can see so well without glasses.”

I am 80 years old and completed my lens implant surgery during April and May, of 2007. The surgery was totally painless and I was able to function almost immediately after each of the two sessions. I am an Attorney still practicing, and a great deal of my time is spent reading and reviewing court pleadings.

About five days after the total restoration, I had a bench trial and it was a delight to be able to read the pleadings without the necessity of wearing glasses. Now, I find I can read even very small print, for example, horse results and the racing form. My colleagues in the V.I.P row are envious.


“Thank You Shepherd Eye Center. You changed my life!”

Before I went to the Shepherd Eye Center, I knew nothing about cataract surgery or the ReStor lens.

You can only imagine the excitement I experienced when I learned of the state-of-the-art technological advancements that have gone on in the industry and that these advances are offered by the highly trained professionals at Shepherd Eye Center.

I was thrilled, anxious, and a little skeptical too. How did I know if this treatment was for me? The staff went out of their way to make my experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

The amount of knowledge that the Shepherd Eye Center passed on to me was the reason I chose them to perform this life-changing and pain-free procedure. They answered all my questions with the knowledge and compassion you could only expect from one of the industries hardest working practices.

It’s a miracle that these procedures can actually fully restore someone’s vision. What a dream come true. My previous limitations are gone and I now enjoy the outdoors, especially driving and other daily activities, which prior to my cataract surgery were a constant struggle. It is truly unbelievable what the ReStor lens has done for my confidence level.

“If you feel like you may be a candidate for medical eye surgery, especially cataract surgery, I strongly encourage you to contact Shepherd Eye Center for a consultation and ask about the new ReStor lens. It is truly a life-changing experience.”

-Mary D. Drew

“…you are in good hands from the very beginning to the end of your experience.”

My vision was fuzzy for about 4 years before I decided to go to the Shepherd Eye Center for examination. From the initial appointment and ultimately through cataract surgery, I received excellent, caring and professional care from the entire staff of Shepherd Eye Center. This care helped allay my fears and made me less apprehensive about having a surgical procedure on my eyes. Dr. Shepherd especially made me feel comfortable and calm during the operation. I was amazed that the surgery itself was done so quickly and efficiently. I was even able to have my second eye done within 3 days of the first eye, which I had never heard of from friends or family back in Niagara Falls. If you have a cataract or vision problem, I highly recommend that you not wait, but go right away to the Shepherd Eye Center. When you go there, you are in good hands from the very beginning to the end of your experience.

-Anthony Fera

“Now my distance and close up vision are awesome!”

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Dr. Hansen for brighter, clearer vision since cataract surgery. From my first visit to Shepherd Eye Center, through the surgery itself, he and the extremely helpful staff at the center made me feel comfortable about this new experience. Dr. Hansen displayed calm expertise during the procedure as he explained step by step what was happening. Now my distance and close up vision are awesome! Shepherd Eye Center is a wonderful place, offering quality service as they care for their patients. I would tell anyone with a cataract or vision problem that Shepherd Eye Center is the place to go for help.

-Veda Beckford

LASIK Procedure Testimonials


“Lasik eye surgery has definitely changed my life for the better.”

I feel compelled to write and express my appreciation for my eye surgery. The personal attention I received at Shepherd Eye Center (Focal Point) was second to none. The staff walked me through the whole surgery so I felt relaxed and comfortable about the procedure. I couldn’t believe how fast it went and really without any concerns. I had both eyes done within 25 minutes. I had been wearing glasses since grade school and one of the things I love about the operation was waking up in the morning and being able to see the time without fumbling for my glasses or waking up to play golf without poking myself in the eye with contacts. Lasik eye surgery has definitely changed my life for the better. I consider the surgery one of the best decisions I have made in my life and recommend it highly to any candidates to have the procedure done. Again, thank you to the wonderful doctors and staff at Focal Point for fulfilling a great gift. The gift of sight!

-John B.

Before surgery: worse than 20/400
After surgery: 20/20

“I was ecstatic”

I have been asked to give a testimonial to Shepherd Eye Center regarding my recent laser surgery. I was diagnosed as far-sighted but found it difficult to see near or far away. I had been wearing contact lenses for a long time but my eyes were becoming increasingly aggravated by them. The thought of having to go back to wearing glasses all the time was not something I looked forward to doing. When the opportunity came up for this surgery and I found out I was a candidate, I was ecstatic. I have had the surgery and can see perfectly clear. One eye is for close up and the other is for distance. With this surgery, I do not need to wear glasses and am told I will probably never have to wear glasses. What a wonderful feeling it is to get up in the morning, be able to read the time on the clock radio, and not have to worry about grabbing a pair of glasses or putting in contact lenses. I thank you with all my heart, Shepherd Eye Center, for giving me a new lease on life and making me feel “young” or at the very least, feel like I have “young” eyes.


Before Surgery: 20/70
After Surgery: 20/25

“I was amazed at the detail I could see right away.”

My vision was fuzzy at age 13 preventing me from seeing the blackboard at school. My first pair of glasses brought clarity and sharpness to my vision that I didn’t realize was missing. As I matured, my vision worsened. I wore the first generation of soft contacts, later graduating to extended wear contacts. After a severe infection and years of extended contact lens wear, I was forced to revert back to glasses or daily wear contacts for the next several years. I was intrigued when I heard of LASIK and scheduled a consultation with Shepherd Eye Center. Through each step leading up to and during the surgery, I was supported and informed of what I would experience. The procedure was fascinatingly quick and painless. I was amazed at the detail I could see right away. Today I am so grateful for the opportunity to have that same renewed clarity and sharpness I had as a kid with my first pair of glasses. Now it is permanent. No more fumbling for my specs just to see the alarm clock. Looking into the horizon and focusing effortlessly on God’s beauty makes me want to encourage others to take that step to correct their vision.

-Amy Chicarell

Before Surgery: worse than 20/400
After Surgery: 20/15

” The freedom from glasses and contacts feels totally natural.”

I’ve worn glasses since the seventh grade until I started wearing contact lenses in my twenties. I’ve lost my glasses three or four times and went through numerous sets of contacts over the years. Needless to say, I was getting tired of the hassle. When I found out about Shepherd Eye Center’s corrective eye surgery I wanted it. The LASIK procedure was the best choice for me. Dr. Hansen and his staff at Shepherd Eye Center put me at ease by explaining all of the details about the procedure. I was awake during the surgery, felt no pain. When the procedure was complete I was thrilled with the results. Before the surgery, I could make out the big”E” on the chart. Now I can see 20/20 as a result of the Doctor’s and staff’s professionalism and experience. I can now open my eyes underwater, jet ski, water ski, snowboard, and play sports better. I feel more confident and I feel like I look better without glasses. The freedom from glasses and contacts feels totally natural. I love the freedom that comes with never having to deal with glasses and contacts ever again.


Before Surgery: 20/300
After Surgery: 20/20

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