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How to Protect Your Eyes During Fireworks Eye Safety and Cataract Awareness Month

Just in time for summer, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has designated June as Fireworks Eye Safety Month. The two most common eye injuries caused by fireworks are eye abrasions and burns. These preventable injuries can lead to permanent vision impairment or total vision loss. Keep reading to learn how to protect your eyes during […]

Can You Treat Cataracts Without Having Surgery?

Cataracts affect everyone with age, causing blurry vision, faded colors, poor night vision, halos around lights, double vision, and trouble seeing. As cataracts progress, they can eventually lead to blindness if left untreated. The standard treatment is cataract surgery, where the cloudy natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens. However, some […]

What Happens During Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process that happens within the eye. While cataracts may seem inevitable, there is a proven treatment to restore the clarity of your vision: cataract surgery. As one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries, cataract surgery is safe, effective and can even result in improved vision at […]

Can Cataracts Come Back After Cataract Surgery?

If you have had your vision restored with cataract surgery, you may find you have a new appreciation for the importance of clear vision! Once you can see clearly again, you may wonder if you will ever experience blurry vision from cataracts again. Keep reading to learn if cataracts can come back after cataract surgery! […]

How Do I Find Out If I Have Cataracts?

By age sixty-five, more than ninety percent of Americans will develop cataracts, making it one of the most common eye diseases diagnosed by eye care professionals. Given the statistical likelihood of a diagnosis in your lifetime, you might be wondering exactly how you will know you have cataracts. Keep reading to learn how to find […]

3 Ways to Know You’re Ready for the Best Cataract Surgeon in Henderson

Cataracts are one of the most frequently diagnosed eye conditions in older individuals and the leading cause of decreased vision in America. Most people begin to develop cataracts in their forties but may not notice symptoms until they have significantly progressed.  To restore vision, eye doctors perform cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is a safe and […]

Is a Premium Lens Worth It?

At Shepherd Eye Center, we are able to offer the latest, most advanced premium intraocular lenses to treat cataracts and improve vision. Imagine having clearer vision and the restored ability to see near, far, or up close. When you choose a premium lens option, you will get to experience better vision and greater freedom, with […]

Why June Is Fireworks Safety and Cataract Awareness Month

June is fireworks safety and cataract awareness month. It is a great time to learn about steps you can take to preserve your vision and the health of your eyes. Keep reading to learn more about fireworks safety and cataracts! What Is Fireworks Safety Month? Fireworks are a traditional and festive part of July 4th […]

4 Signs It May Be Time For Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are one of the most common age-related eye conditions you can develop. They can mature very slowly over years or even decades and often affect adults as young as 40. If you have cataracts, you may not even notice them at first. But gradually, they’ll make your vision worse and worse and can even […]

4 Tips For Your Best Cataract Surgery Recovery

Did you know that cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures you can undergo in the country? It’s also the only way you can treat cataracts and regain your clear sight. Cataract surgery is a low-risk procedure and can completely restore any vision that’s been lost due to cataracts by removing them. […]

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