Are Fake Eyelashes Detrimental to Your Eye Health? | Shepherd Eye Center

Are Fake Eyelashes Detrimental to Your Eye Health?

girls using fake eyelids

Many people long for longer eyelashes. One popular way to achieve this look is with fake eyelashes.

While it is possible to use fake eyelashes safely, they can pose a significant risk to your eye health. Anything you put near your eyes, including eye makeup, can pose some risk of introducing foreign bodies to your eye.

Introducing foreign substances runs the risk of causing irritation and infection. But you don’t have to give up eye makeup or even false eyelashes altogether to keep your eyes healthy.

The key is to make sure to use plenty of caution with anything that goes near your eyes and recognize when your eyes need a break. Keep reading to find out if fake eyelashes are detrimental to your eye health.

Why You Have Eyelashes

Before you can understand why fake eyelashes can be harmful, it’s necessary to know why you have natural eyelashes. Eyelashes keep foreign material out of your eye and keep them from drying out by reducing airflow.

Keeping your eyes moist and safe from potentially harmful bacteria lowers your risk for eye infections. Without eyelashes, you would have more trouble keeping your eyes healthy.

What makes fake eyelashes bad for you? They aren’t necessarily always bad and can be helpful if you don’t have any eyelashes, but they often contain a lot of things that your eyelashes keep you safe from.

Fake Eyelash Health Risks

The main risks that fake eyelashes pose are allergic reactions and eye infections. Your eyes are some of the most sensitive, exposed parts of your body.

Even if nothing from your fake eyelashes gets into your eye, just the glue used to stick them to your eyelid can irritate your skin. If there’s glitter or other decorative material on the fake eyelashes that can flake off, it will likely end up in your eye.

Not only can this be uncomfortable, but it can lead to infection. But it is possible to wear false eyelashes safely. There’s always some degree of risk when you have something attached so close to your eye, but you can significantly minimize that risk by taking a few precautions.

Wearing Falsies Safely

First, be careful about what kind of lashes you buy. Only buy high-quality lashes and make sure there are no bends or cracks in the lashes themselves before wearing them.

Avoid lashes that use glitter or rhinestones or any easily dislodged decor that could get stuck in your eye. When applying the lashes, use only the recommended amount of glue. Although it may be tempting, don’t over-apply.

You also should check to see what the glue is made from, as some may contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Only use glue with safe ingredients.

Don’t ever wear false eyelashes to sleep. Make sure you remove them gently and thoroughly wash your eyes to eliminate any glue residue.

Never share fake eyelashes. You should never share any eye makeup to be as safe as possible. Also, be sure to wash your eyes of all eye makeup before you go to bed, whether or not you’ve worn fake lashes.

If your eyes are irritated even after using all these precautions, don’t continue to use the same kind of eye makeup or fake eyelashes. Give your eyes a rest until they feel entirely better before trying another brand with different ingredients.

Resting your eyes before trying a new kind of fake eyelash will help you avoid severe allergic reactions and infections. Being safe and not overwearing fake eyelashes is the best way to wear these fun accessories and not damage your eyes!

Have more questions about how to keep your eyes healthy? Schedule an appointment with the experts at Shepherd Eye Center in Las Vegas, NV, now!

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