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4 Tips For Your Best Cataract Surgery Recovery

Did you know that cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures you can undergo in the country? It’s also the only way you can treat cataracts and regain your clear sight.

Cataract surgery is a low-risk procedure and can completely restore any vision that’s been lost due to cataracts by removing them. Recovering from cataract surgery isn’t something that you need to worry about.

Most patients find that they can get back to their normal activities in a day or two, with complete recovery taking only a few weeks. Not sure what you’ll need to do to recover quickly after cataract surgery? Keep reading for 4 tips to follow for your best cataract surgery recovery!

1.    Have a Ride on Hand

Since cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, you’ll be able to go home the same day. But you won’t be cleared to drive right away, so you’ll need to have someone who can drive you to and from your appointment.

Most patients get the all-clear on driving from their eye doctor within a day or two of their first follow-up appointment.

You can also prepare by having a few meals already prepared for the day you have your cataracts removed. This way, all you’ll have to do when you get home is relax!

2.    Take It Easy

You’ll be able to do most things within a few days of having cataract surgery. On the first night, it’s best to rest your eyes, and depending on how you’re feeling, you may want to rest the next day. Once you feel up to it, you can return to most of your everyday activities around your home.

However, avoid anything strenuous, like exercise and lifting heavy things, for about a week. Doing this helps ensure your blood pressure doesn’t get too high, as it can affect how well your eyes heal. Your eye doctor will let you know when it’s safe to return to these more rigorous activities.

3.    Take Your Medication as Directed

After having your cataracts removed, you’ll need to take antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops. Take these exactly as directed by your eye doctor.

You may want to set an alarm on your phone to remind you when to take them. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s instructions for post-operative eye care and take the entire course of whatever medications they prescribe you.

Your eyes may feel fully healed, but taking antibiotics, especially for as long as prescribed, is vital to keep your eyes healthy.

4.    Keep Your Eyes Clean

For at least two weeks after having cataract surgery, you should be careful not to get anything in your eye. Avoid being in any bodies of water, especially hot tubs and pools.

Chlorine can be harmful while your eyes are healing. You should also make sure you wear sunglasses when you go outside.

Never rub your eyes or clean them with anything that your eye doctor didn’t prescribe. You should keep even running water out of your eyes, so you should make sure your showerhead is pointed well away from your face, or you can take baths.

Ready to have a fantastic cataract surgery recovery? Schedule an appointment at Shepherd Eye Center in Las Vegas, NV, now!

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