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3 Reasons To Make Healthy Vision Your Gift To Yourself

A woman receiving a Christmas gift

What better holiday present is there than clear vision? What better person is there to give it to than yourself? 

It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to get the kind of care for your eyes that you need and deserve. For some, this may mean self-care, while for others, it may mean something like cataract surgery. 

If you’ve been suffering with declining vision from cataracts or presbyopia, now is the time to treat yourself and get back your best vision. Keep reading for 3 reasons to make healthy vision your gift to yourself! 

Stop Putting Up With Cataracts

Doctors recommend that you have your cataracts removed when they begin to affect your quality of life. The only way to remove cataracts is through cataract surgery. 

This is a very common and safe medical procedure that’s covered by most health insurance plans. If you have cataracts and have been struggling to take part in activities, it’s time to consider cataract surgery. 

There’s no better time than now. Not only is it the perfect gift for yourself, but the holidays often mean time off work to rest and recover.

Is presbyopia also giving you problems, making it even harder to see up close? Another thing to consider is choosing a premium IOL during cataract surgery. 

Premium IOLs can provide sharp focus while correcting presbyopia. Unlike standard IOLs, they do tend to cost a little extra and aren’t covered by insurance with the cost of surgery. But if there’s any time to splurge on your vision, it’s now!

Self-care Also Means Caring for Your Vision

Whether you need a procedure to enhance your vision, you can do a lot of other things to help keep your eyes healthy. Self-care is a good thing that everyone needs.  

One of the best forms of self care is making sure you’re healthy. The best way to keep your vision healthy is also the best way to keep healthy in general. Get plenty of exercise, eat right, and go to the eye doctor regularly. 

You can and should also make sure that your home accommodates all your visual needs. Have reading glasses handy when you need them. 

Make sure you have plenty of light to see, especially on stairways and hallways where you may trip or fall down. Making your home safe and comfortable means accommodating your sight as well as the rest of your needs.

You Deserve To See Your Loved Ones

With age, it’s normal to become more at risk for age-related conditions, especially eye conditions. Being over 40 puts you at risk for cataracts. 

Being over 50 puts you at risk for even more serious conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Many of these conditions have no cure and when they damage your vision, that damage is irreversible. 

But you can still save your vision. The key is to have any of these serious conditions spotted early. When caught at the right time, treatment can preserve your vision for years to come. 

Make sure to see your eye doctor regularly for routine eye exams. The best gift you can give yourself is the ability to see those you love. Staying diligent about your eye health is the best way to keep that ability as you grow older.

Concerned that your eyes need some extra attention? Schedule an appointment with the ophthalmologists at Shepherd Eye Center in Henderson, NV today!

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