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May is Healthy Vision Month

healthy vision month

Did you know that May is Healthy Vision Month? Healthy Vision Month promotes healthy habits when it comes to eye health while bringing awareness to common eye conditions.

Regular eye exams and understanding any diseases you may be at risk for are vital to maintaining healthy vision. Several factors can compromise your vision, and you can lower your risk for many common eye-related illnesses by staying healthy and seeing an eye doctor regularly.

Don’t know where to start? Keep reading for a few tips to help you achieve healthy vision that you can follow!

Find an Eye Doctor

Before you can have regular eye exams, you need to make sure you have an eye doctor. You may not have one, especially if you don’t need glasses or contacts.

But it’s essential to get your eyes looked at on a regular basis to make sure they’re healthy. This is especially important for adults over the age of 40, as they’re at higher risk for conditions like cataracts and presbyopia.

It’s never been easier to find an eye doctor, so there’s no reason to keep putting off your comprehensive eye exam.

Eat Right

Good nutrition is necessary if you want your eyes to stay healthy. Eating right helps your whole body, but certain vitamins and nutrients have additional properties that help your eyes.

Foods rich in eye-healthy nutrients include fish, walnuts, and seeds, all containing omega-3 fatty acids. Dark, leafy greens are also rich in a variety of vitamins that promote good eye health. Be sure to eat a balanced diet to get all the nutrients you need for good vision.

Stay Active

Conditions like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes all put you at higher risk for eye diseases. One of the best ways to avoid these conditions is to stay active.

But being physically fit doesn’t have to mean going to the gym every day. Try to get some light exercise a few days a week, at least to start.

Even walking more can do wonders for your health. Just be consistent so you can keep up with whatever fitness plan you start.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

You probably already know that using tobacco will have negative consequences on your health. If you need another reason to quit smoking, tobacco use increases your risk for eye disease.

Too much alcohol consumption also increases your risk of developing eye conditions. The occasional glass of wine or beer with dinner is fine, but avoid drinking in excess.

Wear Sunglasses

One of the most harmful things that you encounter every day is sunlight and UV rays. UV radiation from the sun damages your skin and eyes.

Too much sun exposure can put you at higher risk for conditions like dry eye syndrome. But sun damage over time also puts you at risk for more severe eye diseases.

The best way to protect yourself from the sun is by always wearing sunglasses whenever you go outside. Be sure to wear a pair that blocks out at least 99% of UV light. There should be a sticker on the sunglasses when you buy them.

Take the first step towards healthy eyes by seeing an eye doctor for an eye exam. Schedule yours at Shepherd Eye Center in Las Vegas, NV, today!

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