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Don’t Get Scared During Halloween Safety Month

From toothy jack-o-lanterns glowing on porch steps to groups of costumed children walking the darkened streets, Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It’s a magical night of spooky fun!

 To ensure that Halloween is all treats, the American Academy of Ophthalmology has designated October as Halloween Safety Month. Reminding everyone to think about Halloween safety is a good way to ensure that unnecessary accidents don’t ruin anyone’s Halloween celebrations!

When considering sensible Halloween safety precautions, remember to also think about protecting your eyes. Keep reading to learn what you can do to ensure everyone’s eyes stay safe this Halloween! 

Avoid Using Non-Prescription Costume Contact Lenses

Costume contacts are not fitted specifically for eyes the way prescription contacts are. Due to this, they can cause serious damage to your eye, including eye infections, corneal abrasions, or ulcers. 

If your costume simply won’t be complete without costume contacts, call your eye care provider to find out what prescription options are available. When you get colored contacts through an eye care provider, you can be sure that your Halloween won’t include a serious eye condition.

Exercise Care and Precaution When Using Halloween Make-Up

While an artfully made-up face can make a great Halloween costume even better, misusing Halloween makeup can seriously hurt your eyes. To prevent eye infection, never share Halloween makeup and do not reuse makeup that is older than three months.

It’s also best to be sure to remove all the makeup from your face, especially around the eyes, before you go to bed. Put the health of your eyes ahead of any sort of Halloween makeup that might harm them.

This includes any metallic, glittery, or flaky makeup that is not formulated to be used around the eye area. Even a tiny speck of glitter can enter and severely irritate the eye or worse.

Make Sure That Halloween Masks or Hoods Do Not Block Vision in Either Eye

Halloween costumes with masks or hoods that limit the ability to see in all directions can be especially dangerous after dark. For kids who are trick or treating, a vision-blocking mask can create trip and fall hazards as they go from door to door or a serious traffic accident as they cross a neighborhood street.

Before heading out for the night, ensure that masks or hoods do not block forward or peripheral lines of sight. If a costume includes an eye patch, consider wearing it only for taking pictures or when not walking around. 

Covering one eye leads can lead to a loss of depth perception.

Watch Your Eyes Around Halloween Costume Accessories

A fairy needs a wand, and a pirate needs a sword, but be sure to handle these Halloween costume accessories with care to avoid unnecessary eye injuries. In the excitement of the moment, these often pointy objects can become an eye hazard when carelessly waved about.

Instead of hard plastic or metal accessories, consider items made of flexible materials like foam or items that are shorter in length. These options still complete a costume without endangering a friend’s eyes!

All of us here at Shepherd Eye Center wish you and yours a very Happy Halloween and remind you that by following some simple safety precautions, Halloween does not have to be a night of frights for your eyes!

Do you want to learn more ways to keep your eyes safe and healthy? Schedule an appointment at Shepherd Eye Center in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, Southwest Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Henderson, NV, today!

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