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Laser vision correction procedures are constantly developing and improving. When laser vision correction technology first became available, there were very few choices.

If you wanted to get LASIK to fix your eyesight, conventional LASIK was the only option available. Today, you have many more options thanks to advances in technology.

At Shepherd Eye Center, we use the latest technology to enhance your LASIK experience and give you the best results possible.

WaveLight EX500 Laser With Contoura Vision

LASIK with the WaveLight EX500 laser and Contoura Vision technology is one of the newest LASIK systems. They give you a LASIK procedure tailored to your eyes and specific needs.

Any LASIK procedure can give you excellent results. But the WaveLight EX500 with Contoura Vision is a step above. It provided the first-ever personalized LASIK procedure and continues to deliver exceptional results.

How Does The EX500 Laser With Contoura Vision Work?

This combination creates and uses a three-dimensional map of your eyes to guide your procedure. The map provides a level of accuracy that less-advanced LASIK procedures cannot match.

Before the procedure begins, the laser scans your entire eye to create the procedure-guiding map. It tells your surgeon where to remove tissue from your cornea and exactly how much to remove.

This precision causes minimal impact on the rest of your cornea. It also reduces the reshaping time of your procedure to thirty seconds or less per eye. As a result, your recovery is more straightforward and comfortable.

WaveLight Technology Maps Your Eye

The technology in this new system is topography-guided LASIK technology. The surface of your cornea is not flat or uniform. Instead, it has topography like the surface of the Earth.

Your eye is as distinct as a landscape. Topography-guided LASIK identifies those features and maps them out.

When it’s time for LASIK, your surgeon will follow a specific plan based on this map of your eye. The map produces a surgery plan adapted to your eye’s characteristics.

It allows your surgeon to be more precise than they can be with other technology. They can remove the right pieces of tissue from the exact right places while limiting the stress on other parts of your cornea and eye.

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Fewer Visual Symptoms With The WaveLight EX500 and Contoura Vision

The precision of LASIK with Wavelight LASIK and Contoura Vision also reduces common LASIK side effects. Sometimes after LASIK, specific visual symptoms can appear.

These include glare, light sensitivity, difficulty driving at night, and reading. Patients who had LASIK with Contoura Vision report fewer of these problems.

These side effects are significantly reduced because of how precise and gentle the Wavelight EX500 laser with Contoura Vision is. After your procedure, your vision should be crisp and clear with no lingering aberrations.

Are you interested in a LASIK procedure with the newest LASIK technology? Shepherd Eye Center in Las Vegas, NV, uses the latest technology to give you the best LASIK experience possible!

Schedule a LASIK consultation to see if you qualify for LASIK. Visual freedom could soon be yours!

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