Intralase Technology

Man and woman smiling togetherAMO (American Medical Optics) is happy to present the arrival of the Intralase and iLASIK technology platform for safer more predictable LASIK outcomes. The Intralase platform was initially developed to reduce the rate of flap complications from the flap creation part of LASIK which was traditionally done with a blade-driven micro-keratome. Although complications from LASIK are rare, often less than 1%, most LASIK complications resulted in the flap creation process. The precision of the Intralase machine and its ability to create excellent LASIK flaps has been proven to eliminate or greatly reduce flap complications. Once the flap is created with a femtosecond laser the LASIK procedure is then completed with the same excimer laser used in conventional LASIK.

Intralase Advantages:

  • More precise flap creation
  • More precise flap thickness
  • More uniform flap creation
  • Larger candidacy potential


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