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Blade Free LASIK

If you’re undergoing a medical procedure, especially one on your eyes, you want the procedure’s outcomes to be predictable. The technology used at Shepherd Eye Center delivers safe and positive LASIK outcomes.

We use the Intralase and iLASIK technology platform and the Zeimer Z-LASIK FEMTO LDV Z8 femtosecond laser for LASIK.

What Happens During LASIK?

After your eyes are numb, the first step during LASIK is to create a flap in the outer layer of your cornea, called the epithelium. Your surgeon creates the ultra-thin flap in your cornea using the Z-LASIK femtosecond laser in only a few seconds.

The Z-LASIK laser creates precise incisions resulting in a smooth flap that easily pulls off your cornea. The flap then remains hinged to your eye on one side so your surgeon can pull it back without removing it.

Pulling it back uncovers your stroma or the middle section of the cornea. Exposing your stroma allows your surgeon to use an excimer laser to correct the shape of your cornea.

Reshaping your cornea is what corrects your vision during LASIK. It smooths the curvature of your cornea to the best form for clear vision.

The flap is then put back in its original position, where it adheres naturally. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes, at most.

Bladeless LASIK Infographic

Happy Couple after LASIK

Intralase and iLASIK With the Z-LASIK Femtosecond Laser

The Intralase and iLASIK platforms reduce the rate of flap complications during LASIK procedures. Using Z-LASIK further reduces flap issues by creating smooth, easy-to-work-with flaps.

The Intralase system has a few advantages that Z-LASIK helps to improve. These include:

  • Enhanced precision during flap creation
  • More accurate flap thickness
  • Increased uniformity in the corneal flap
  • A larger LASIK candidacy potential

Blade-free LASIK with this technology is a speedy and relatively pain-free procedure. It will cause little disruption in your life, and you can fully recover from it within a few months.

The FEMTO LDV Z8 Laser

A femtosecond laser produces a high-speed light pulse that lasts for trillionths of a second. These rapid pulses achieve fine and accurate incisions that don’t cause a lot of inflammation in other parts of your cornea.

Z-LASIK increases your comfort and safety. It also makes the procedure faster and enhances your LASIK results.

LASIK with Z-LASIK takes only a few minutes, and your vision could be better immediately. Plus, you’ll experience fast visual recovery because the laser is gentle on your eyes.

With Z-LASIK, your surgeon can apply vision correction to a larger area of your cornea. This enhances the quality of your vision, especially at night, in poor lighting or reduced contrast conditions.View Video

What to Expect After Z-LASIK

Immediately after LASIK, you can open and close your eyes normally, and your vision may be better than it ever has been. Within a few hours, you will be able to see clearly, and your eyes should fully heal within a few months.

The advantages of LASIK with the Z-LASIK femtosecond laser include:

  • Increased comfort and safety
  • Ultra precise technology
  • Best and fastest visual recovery
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Superior vision results right after surgery

Afterward, your vision will be clear and sharp!

Visual freedom can be closer than you think. Schedule a LASIK consultation at Shepherd Eye Center in Las Vegas, NV, today to determine if LASIK is right for you!

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