Woman smiling with hands on her faceThe doctors at Shepherd Eye Center offer the possibility of Monovision for some patients. Prior to this, a contact lens trial should be conducted under the supervision of your ophthalmologist. Monovision is a unique method of treating vision when patients typically experience visual problems at both near and far distances or when presbyopia causes accommodation issues. Presbyopia occurs as part of the natural aging process. The eye’s crystalline lens loses its ability to bring close objects into clear focus. Monovision used to involve wearing one contact for close vision and the other contact for far vision. Not all patients like this approach because it requires some adjustment and training of your eyes; however, most patients are able to make this adjustment. Patients that suffer from presbyopia often use bifocal glasses as a treatment option. Bifocal contact lenses are now available. Monovision LASIK can also be an option.


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MonoVision LASIK

If you are a patient considering monovision LASIK you should first wear monovision contact lenses for at least a week to determine if you can make this adjustment. Please consult the skilled ophthalmologists at Shepherd Eye Center directly regarding this procedure. Monovision LASIK is a permanent surgical procedure. This test is quite comfortable with the newer soft contact lenses. The newer lenses are usually placed in the eye by Shepherd Eye Center at the time of the initial consultation for Monovision LASIK.