We are pleased to bring the patients of Shepherd Eye Center another option in cataract surgery–the Tecnis Symfony® intraocular lenses. These IOL’s are the first lenses in a new category of presbyopia-correcting cataract lens options. This new lens from Abbot provides an extended range of continuous, full-range high quality vision. A toric lens option exists for those patients with an astigmatism, as well.

In a monofocal lens (the “standard” lens covered by insurance companies) you have one focal point, distance vision. But near vision continues to be blurry and glasses remain necessary for up-close tasks. With a multi-focal lens, a patient has vision with 2 distant focal points. With the Tecnis Symfony® lens, a patient has an elongated focal point.

The occurances of halo and glare following surgical implantation of the Tecnis Symfony® lens is comparable to that of a monofocal lens.Tecnis Symfony Intraocular lens

Click here to learn more about intraocular lens options for cataract surgery.

If you are interested in having a greater range of vision following cataract surgery, please ask your doctor about the Tecnis Symfony®, and see if you are a candidate for the lens.