Shepherd Eye Center tailored its Southwest and Green Valley office locations to keep kids entertained when they go to see the eye doctor. Toys, cartoons, books, movies and video games are on hand to make your child’s visit exciting and fun! Dr. Rovit uses silly lights and sounds to help maintain your child’s focus and engagement during the exam.

Dr. Rovit will assess your child’s vision and ocular alignment. A comprehensive examination will determine the health of your child’s eyes and whether any specific treatment(s) is indicated. if eye glasses are needed , Dr. Rovit will write a prescription specifying the lens type and power. You can select a frame at our Optical Shop that best suits your child’s needs.

Child laughing

When Should My Child Have an Eye Exam?

Your pediatrician should examine your child’s eyes during the first year of life.
All children should have a comprehensive eye exam before they start school unless vision problems occur sooner.

Early diagnosis and treatment of childhood eye disease may prevent vision problems later in life.