iStent LogoApproved in June 2012 by the FDA, Shepherd Eye Center is delighted to announce the addition of its latest device in ophthalmic technology: the iStent, to our surgery center.  Shepherd’s very own Dr. Dan Eisenberg personally contributed to years of research leading up to the launch of this newest advancement in Glaucoma treatment.

Manufactured by Glaukos, the iStent treats patients with open-angle glaucoma, or elevated intraocular pressure (IOP), inside the eye.  The iStent lowers IOP by improving the outflow between the anterior chamber and the Schlemm’s canal in the eye.

A diagram published by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research shows the anatomy of the anterior chamber and the Schlemm’s canal.  In the anatomical diagram, you can see precisely where the iStent is surgically inserted into the Schlemm’s canal.

Shepherd Eye Center is among the few practices in the United States to offer this minimally-invasive surgical device.  The iStent delivers a no-stitch surgical approach that leads to quick post-operative recovery without scarring.

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